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Baking 101

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Baking 101: #7 – Dark Chocolate Dipped Cakepops

Loli…Loli…Lolipop… I felt like making cupcakes but then I figured I always make cupcakes, so I wanted a bit of a change. I was looking watching some baking videos on Youtube and then I saw a wide about making cakepops on the side. It looked easy enough for a try:)! INGREDIENTS: **Makes the Cake (approx. … Continue reading

Baking 101: #6 – Tapioca-Filled White Cupcakes

Fluffy Summer Confections… Placed in charge of desserts, I decided to bake some cupcakes for my Team BBQ. But of course I couldn’t just do a plain cupcake with frosting (that’s not how I roll ;)). I wanted to have some kind of filling and I just came up with this idea walking through the … Continue reading

Baking 101: #5 – Devil’s Food Cake

This Cake Definitely has Some Evil Powers…. I was trying to keep up my “Be-Healthy-Diet”, but I couldn’t resist! It’s summer and apart from a waffle cone, the best companion for a smooth Vanilla Ice Cream has to be an Extra Chocolaty Cake! I actually can’t tell the difference between a regular Chocolate Cake and … Continue reading

Baking 101: #4 – Mini Raspberry-Filled Chocolate Cakes

A Little Surprise for Summer… Random day shopping and came across some fresh Raspberries! I haven’t baked for awhile because I’ve been working on this blog, but it was about time to put that oven to use again! Also, what better to compliment a rich serving of ice cream than a rich chocolate cake with a … Continue reading

Baking 101: #3 – Low-Calorie Cupcakes

Yummy in Your Tummy, Without Giving You a Tummy!… This is definitely the easiest way to bake cupcakes, although it’s not from scratch, I’m sure you won’t mind! I just baked them because I was really interested to see if this “baking experiment” actually worked. I learned about this from a “Weight Watcher’s Forum“; super … Continue reading

Baking 101: #2 – Gluten-Free Almond Cupcakes

First step to Culinary Success?…. I have no idea how I baked these cupcakes perfectly on my first try, but I’m extremely ecstatic! INGREDIENTS: **For about 8 Cupcakes – 3 Large Eggs – 4 tbsp of Honey – 1 tsp of Baking Soda – 1 tsp of Vinegar – 1 tbsp of Lemon Juice – … Continue reading

Baking 101: #1 – Matcha French Macarons

The Martha Stewart way… I made some of these for Valentines Day, but those turned out like flat piles of XXXX. So I was determined to get it right; I was so determined I even bought a new mixer. I actually tried a variety of recipes even though I’m sure the people who posted those … Continue reading