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Cooking 101: #7 – Mussels Mariniere

Shrimp Was SOLD OUT… So grocery shopping, I noticed shrimp was on sale and I really wanted to eat seafood. When I got to the Seafood Counter at Loblaws… ALL THE SHRIMP WAS GONE! Quite disappointed, but then I notice that the Mussels! Only $4.99 for 1kg (I’m not sure if that’s cheap, but I … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #6 – Creamy Tomato Macaroni

Quick Fix For Lunch… So Sunday night is usually when I think about what I’ll make for lunch for the week. I usually try to think of something really easy to eat with a fork or spoon (cause you really don’t wanna look like a slobĀ at work). I had some heavy cream left over from … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #5 – Olive Oil Pasta

Dramas Influence Me a Lil’ Too Much… I was actually watching this Korean Drama called “Pasta” and the girl in the drama is trying to be a chef. The dish that she tries to cook over and over again is “Olive Oil Pasta”; it seems quite simple and plain. But after all, the most generic … Continue reading

Baking 101: #3 – Low-Calorie Cupcakes

Yummy in Your Tummy, Without Giving You a Tummy!… This is definitely the easiest way to bake cupcakes, although it’s not from scratch, I’m sure you won’t mind! I just baked them because I was really interested to see if this “baking experiment” actually worked. I learned about this from a “Weight Watcher’s Forum“; super … Continue reading

Baking 101: #2 – Gluten-Free Almond Cupcakes

First step to Culinary Success?…. I have no idea how I baked these cupcakes perfectly on my first try, but I’m extremely ecstatic! INGREDIENTS: **For about 8 Cupcakes – 3 Large Eggs – 4 tbsp of Honey – 1 tsp of Baking Soda – 1 tsp of Vinegar – 1 tbsp of Lemon Juice – … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #4 – Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken

The Rewards of Homecooking… So I actually wanted to learn how to make chicken so I can cook this for someone that really likes chicken (although I really LOVE chicken too). But I feel like cooking is most rewarding when you cook for someone else and they smile when it actually tastes decent. The thing … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #3 – Gluten-Free Pancakes

A Healthier Start to Your Day… I’ve been trying to make Macarons over and over and OVER again, so after I finally got it right (“APPLAUSE”) I realized I still had a half bag of Almond Flour left. I think I was watching Gossip Girl and they were having breakfast, which really made me want … Continue reading