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WhiteBoard x BlackBerry [Ongoing]

BlackBerry X Iconic Inspirations: BlackBerry X RIM Associates (Fellow Co-Workers): BlackBerry X Fast Food: Media: EXPO Bold Color Dry Erase Pens Canvas: Whiteboard Theme: People & BlackBerry

Fade-In Human Art (UPDATE) – Liu Bolin x Kenny Scharf Create NYC Street Art that Confuses Viewers

As many hopefuls venture to New York City to become apart of the “city scene”, Liu Bolin has taken this mentality to the next level. In continuing his ongoing series of “invisible” artwork, Bolin camouflages himself with the whimsical masterpiece of Kevin Scharf on Bowery and Houston. Collaborating with Tony Goldman and the team at … Continue reading

Oriental Whiskey Fortresses – The Johnnie Walker House & Limited-Edition Bottles in Shanghai China

LOVE creative agency in collaboration with the Singpore-based interior designers Asylum have brilliantly constructed the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai, China. The new space is a four-story house that highlights the history of the infamous Whiskey powerhouse as well as a journey of discovery for its consumers. Interior elements consist of materials used in the … Continue reading

HYPE FOR A CAUSE: Project CanBuild Ottawa

The CanBuild Food Drive @ Research In Motion:  Working in a globally known company, we realize that we are extremely fortunate to be in a position where being able to afford 3 meals a day is not a constant challenge. When we think about people starving around the world, we may think about all the … Continue reading

Fresh Edible Textiles – Fruit and Vegetable Papers from ‘de culinaire werkplaats’ Restaurant

Culinary arts has always been as visually appealing as the art of fashion, but these fruit and vegetable papers, created for ‘de culinaire werkplaats’ has brought this to a new level. Co-owners of de culinaire werkplaats, textile designer Marjolein Wintjes and chef Eric Meuring, have joined together to create an intriguing collaboration of food and … Continue reading

Goldridge Park, Kanata, Ontario

Sometimes it’s difficult to appreciate solitude when you’re from the city because the sound of nature is quite eerie. But it was refreshing to wake up in the morning and walk around the park. Just lush green surroundings, tall trees, and vibrant flowers. After the Below Zero Weather and Snow-Buried Streets, Summer in Ottawa is … Continue reading

Baking 101: #4 – Mini Raspberry-Filled Chocolate Cakes

A Little Surprise for Summer… Random day shopping and came across some fresh Raspberries! I haven’t baked for awhile because I’ve been working on this blog, but it was about time to put that oven to use again! Also, what better to compliment a rich serving of ice cream than a rich chocolate cake with a … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Hino

Restaurant: Hino Location: 1013 Wellington St. West, Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Japanese/ Sushi/ Fusion Menu: N/A Price: $10-25 This has definitely been my greatest find in Ottawa. That’s why I feel like this restaurant is terribly under-rated and doesn’t receive enough attention. Apparently, this restaurant has been around since 1985 (Wow! That’s a long time!). Yet every time I’ve visited this Fusion … Continue reading

Contemporary Egyptian Abodes – This Hacienda White Interior by Alchemy Design Studio is Luxurious

This featured luxurious Hacienda White flat covers 460 square-feet in Egypt, an area is well-known for being a summer destination hotspot for travelers galore. So it’s not surprising the designers of this masterpiece, Rania Loutfi and Mohamed Fares from Alchemy Design Studio, created a glamorous summerhouse to complement the breathtaking seaside ambiance. In addition to … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Georgetown Sports Pub

Restaurant:Georgetown Sports Pub Location: 1159 Bank Street Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Pub / American Menu: http://www.georgetownpub.ca/menu.php Price: $10-15 I’ve walked into this pub previously, but it’s been at times when the area was pretty empty. Tonight it was GAME 6 (Go Canucks Go!) of the Stanley Cup Finals, so it was so packed that if we had … Continue reading