High Tea @ Le Salon de The Joel RobuchonThe Food-Fanatic;

If someone were to ask me what has been my life-long passion, I can’t deny that it’s definitely feasting on fine dine and great eats. It’s something that captivated me before I even knew I was absolutely obsessed by the idea.

Growing up with a Chef for a father, I’ve been become quite a Foodie!
Nothing else can stimulate all the senses like food
Tasting a flavorful dish
Seeing the attractive plating design
Feeling the texture against your tongue
Smelling the irresistible aroma and even….
Hearing that familiar sizzle or ding of the oven

Here I share my exploration of the different culinary delights I’ve had the pleasure of tasting as well as my very own home-cooked dishes (note: I’m learning to cook from “Point Zero”)

Check Out:
The Kitchen
The Dining Room

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