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Baking 101: #7 – Dark Chocolate Dipped Cakepops

Loli…Loli…Lolipop… I felt like making cupcakes but then I figured I always make cupcakes, so I wanted a bit of a change. I was looking watching some baking videos on Youtube and then I saw a wide about making cakepops on the side. It looked easy enough for a try:)! INGREDIENTS: **Makes the Cake (approx. … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #20 – Rice Crispy Stuffed French Toast

Dessert for Breakfast? Yes Please… I had some rice crispy squares and I wanted to use some bread to make breakfast, so what better than French Toast! I wish I had some French Baguette because I was got the idea from watching the Food Channel and they used a Baguette! Oh Well:) This satisfied my … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #19 – Japanese Curry Chicken w/ Rice

Thank Goodness for Air Mailed Glico Curry… I don’t always eat curry, but somehow I was just craving Japanese Curry. That creamy, mildly spicy yet sweet sauce over firmly cooked rice “drools”:). How fortunate that my friend mailed me boxes of Glico Mild Curry Blocks <3! I was even more excited to cook after watching … Continue reading

Baking 101: #6 – Tapioca-Filled White Cupcakes

Fluffy Summer Confections… Placed in charge of desserts, I decided to bake some cupcakes for my Team BBQ. But of course I couldn’t just do a plain cupcake with frosting (that’s not how I roll ;)). I wanted to have some kind of filling and I just came up with this idea walking through the … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #18 – The Perfect Boiled Egg

Sharing the Secret to Boiling Attractive Eggs… I was actually looking for a Creamy Carbonara Recipe and on the side of the website there was this blurb, “How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs”. My first response was “How does one Boil an Egg Wrong?”. I mean you can’t boil an egg wrong exactly, but you … Continue reading

Baking 101: #5 – Devil’s Food Cake

This Cake Definitely has Some Evil Powers…. I was trying to keep up my “Be-Healthy-Diet”, but I couldn’t resist! It’s summer and apart from a waffle cone, the best companion for a smooth Vanilla Ice Cream has to be an Extra Chocolaty Cake! I actually can’t tell the difference between a regular Chocolate Cake and … Continue reading

Baking 101: #4 – Mini Raspberry-Filled Chocolate Cakes

A Little Surprise for Summer… Random day shopping and came across some fresh Raspberries! I haven’t baked for awhile because I’ve been working on this blog, but it was about time to put that oven to use again! Also, what better to compliment a rich serving of ice cream than a rich chocolate cake with a … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #17 – Tuna Fish Cakes

Watching A Little Too Much Man Vs. Food… It’s always been an item on my Bucket list to do some sort of eating challenge and lately I’ve been watching Man vs.Food daily. This wasn’t part of any challenge, but I was attracted by some tasty crab cakes! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any crab meat, so … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #16 – Chicken Stirfry

Bean Sprouts Go Bad Way Too Quickly… Every time I want to eat Bean Sprouts I have to think of ways to cook it in large portions because, apparently, they only sell it in large portions. It goes great with Soup Noodles, but I wanted to try a stir-fry because the Bean Sprouts really soak … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #15 – Baked Cajun Spice Chicken Leg

To Be Honest I Bought the Wrong Thing… I actually thought a chicken leg was along the same lines as a chicken drumstick. But it’s actually not as meaty as the drumstick and has a lot more fat and skin. INGREDIENTS: – 2 Chicken Legs – 1/2 White Onion – 1 tbsp Minced Garlic – … Continue reading