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Dining 101 [New York]: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Restaurant: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Location: 246 W Willow Street, Syracuse, NY Cuisine: Southern/ American/ Barbeque Menu: http://www.dinosaurbbq.com/locations/syracuse/ Price: $15-25 Going to New York from Ottawa I knew I would pass by Syracuse. I absolutely could not miss out on the opportunity to eat at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. I knew this place would be popular, I just didn’t expect it to be THIS POPULAR! Walking … Continue reading

Dining 101 [New York]: China Chalet

Restaurant: China Chalet Location: 47 Broadway Ste 2, New York, NY Cuisine: Chinese Menu: http://www.chinachaletnyc.com/menu.html Price: $15-25 I guess it’s kind of odd that I’d be searching for Chinese Food on a trip to New York, but Ottawa does do that to you! I was pretty skeptical about China Chalet, but I was extremely hungry after my failed attempts to find other … Continue reading

Dining 101 [New York]: AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar

Restaurant: AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar Location: 11 W 31st Street, New York City, NY Cuisine: Lounge/ Bar/ Dessert/ Mediterranean/ French Menu: http://www.ayzanyc.com/menus.html Price: $25 & Up Can’t waste a night in New York no matter how long the day’s been! The city never sleeps, so apparently I shouldn’t either! AYZA is a small wine and chocolate bar just near the Empire … Continue reading

Dining 101 [New York]: Lombardi’s Pizza

Restaurant: Lombardi’s Pizza Location: 32 Spring Street, New York, NY Cuisine: Italian/ Pizza Menu: http://www.firstpizza.com/images/Web_Menu_Oct_2011.pdf Price: $15-25 Of course, after watching Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives and Man Vs. Food all the time, I’d be insane not to try out Lombardi’s Pizza. Zagat rated “Best Pizza on the Planet”, so who am I to say no to the World’s best;)? The menu is … Continue reading

Dining 101 [New York]: Rice to Riches

Restaurant: Rice to Riches Location: 37 Spring Street, New York, NY Cuisine: Dessert Menu: http://www.ricetoriches.com/puddy.aspx Price: $10 or Less To be honest, I didn’t even plan to come here but the Foodie gods must have known I’d love it! I actually didn’t even know I liked (LOVED!) rice pudding until I came here:). The layout of the store is very much … Continue reading

Dining 101 [New York]: Shake Shack (UWS)

Restaurant: Shake Shack (UWS) Location: 366 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY Cuisine: American/ Burgers/ Fries Menu: http://shakeshack.com/_pdf/menus/Menu_UWS.pdf Price: $10 or Less So apparently this is suppose to be the “In-N-Out” of New York? Although it’s all about preferences, I was excited to try the Shake Shack! I loved the interior and organized layout of the place. Clean, but funky;). Although there … Continue reading

Dining 101 [New York]: Katz’s Deli

Restaurant: Katz’s Delicatessen Location: 205 E Houston Street, New York, NY Cuisine: Sandwiches/ Meat Shop/ American Menu: http://katzsdelicatessen.com/menus/ Price: $15-25 This may not be the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, but Katz’s is definitely a New York tourist attraction. After watching Adam Richmond chow down on a juicy Pastrami Sandwich on Man vs. Food, I knew I had to pay … Continue reading