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Ottawa, Ontario

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CANADA DAY in the Nation Capital [2011]

The Streets of Downtown Ottawa: My first Canada Day Celebration in the Nation’s Capital and I’m greeted by the patriotic spirit flooding down the streets of Rideau. I think the last Canada Day that wasn’t just another day off to me was all the way back when I was in Elementary School. Now, I’m in … Continue reading

HYPE FOR A CAUSE: Project CanBuild Ottawa

The CanBuild Food Drive @ Research In Motion:  Working in a globally known company, we realize that we are extremely fortunate to be in a position where being able to afford 3 meals a day is not a constant challenge. When we think about people starving around the world, we may think about all the … Continue reading

Goldridge Park, Kanata, Ontario

Sometimes it’s difficult to appreciate solitude when you’re from the city because the sound of nature is quite eerie. But it was refreshing to wake up in the morning and walk around the park. Just lush green surroundings, tall trees, and vibrant flowers. After the Below Zero Weather and Snow-Buried Streets, Summer in Ottawa is … Continue reading