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Cooking 101: #18 – The Perfect Boiled Egg

Sharing the Secret to Boiling Attractive Eggs… I was actually looking for a Creamy Carbonara Recipe and on the side of the website there was this blurb, “How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs”. My first response was “How does one Boil an Egg Wrong?”. I mean you can’t boil an egg wrong exactly, but you … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #13 – Mix Mix Noodles

The Take-WHATEVER-You-Got-In-The-Fridge Noodles… About 11pm at night felt super hungry (note to self: this is extremely unhealthy!) so what better late-night snack than noodles? But since it was near the weekend, my fridge was running low on …everything! I didn’t even have instant noodles, so I just used Angel Hair Pasta and topped it with … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #9 – Asian-Inspired Rigatoni

All You Need is Sesame Oil… So I guess I was just experimenting with this. Usually I would use Olive Oil to keep the pasta moist and add a bit of flavor that goes well with Tomato Sauce. But I felt like eating something more with an Asian flavor and just wanted to dabble with … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #7 – Mussels Mariniere

Shrimp Was SOLD OUT… So grocery shopping, I noticed shrimp was on sale and I really wanted to eat seafood. When I got to the Seafood Counter at Loblaws… ALL THE SHRIMP WAS GONE! Quite disappointed, but then I notice that the Mussels! Only $4.99 for 1kg (I’m not sure if that’s cheap, but I … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #6 – Creamy Tomato Macaroni

Quick Fix For Lunch… So Sunday night is usually when I think about what I’ll make for lunch for the week. I usually try to think of something really easy to eat with a fork or spoon (cause you really don’t wanna look like a slobĀ at work). I had some heavy cream left over from … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #5 – Olive Oil Pasta

Dramas Influence Me a Lil’ Too Much… I was actually watching this Korean Drama called “Pasta” and the girl in the drama is trying to be a chef. The dish that she tries to cook over and over again is “Olive Oil Pasta”; it seems quite simple and plain. But after all, the most generic … Continue reading

Cooking 101 : #1 – Scallop Buckwheat Pasta

The Beginning of my Cooking Excursions… Moving to Ottawa for a year has begun in quite a challenge. I’ve lived alone in Vancouver, but cooking was never necessary. Let’s be honest, if you’re hungry in Vancouver there is always food at any hour! Unfortunately, Ottawa definitely does not accommodate my lack of cooking skills. So, … Continue reading