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Dining 101 [Toronto]: RAA Uptown Japanese

Restaurant: RAA Uptown Japanese Location: 4848 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON Cuisine: Japanese/ Sushi/ Tapas Menu: http://www.raajapanese.com/ Price: $10-15 It’s no wonder they offered a Teambuy Deal (something like Groupon) for this place. RAA would definitely not be on my foodie radar if it hadn’t been for my friend’s frugal purchase. The interior was impressive with a lot of detail and fixtures that … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Hong Chow

Restaurant: Hong Chow Location: 3462 Hazeldean Road, Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Chinese/ Buffet Menu: http://www.hongchow.com/menu.html Price: $10-15 I’ve been to Panda Garden a few times now, so it was time to try out a different Buffet place. Hong Chow’s interior is much more modern and sleek compared to the cafeteria-like design of Panda Garden. Although there were less choices in food items, the … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #19 – Japanese Curry Chicken w/ Rice

Thank Goodness for Air Mailed Glico Curry… I don’t always eat curry, but somehow I was just craving Japanese Curry. That creamy, mildly spicy yet sweet sauce over firmly cooked rice “drools”:). How fortunate that my friend mailed me boxes of Glico Mild Curry Blocks <3! I was even more excited to cook after watching … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Suika

Restaurant: Suika Location: 1626 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC Cuisine: Japanese/ Izakaya/ Sushi Menu: http://www.urbanspoon.com/u/menu/1544407 Price: $10-15 I was extremely excited to try out Suika because of all the great things I’ve heard. Not to mention, with the awesome experiences I’ve had at Kingyo, I was sure this would not disappoint! The interior was simple, but what caught my attention was the beer-bottle … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Shuraku Sake Bar & Bistro

Restaurant: Shuraku Sake Bar & Bistro Location: 833 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC Cuisine: Japanese/ Sushi/ Tapas/ Bar Menu: http://www.shuraku.net/diningmenus.php Price: $10-15 After a long day of endless eating, I found myself at another spot for some more eating. I had devoured a lot of meat at a BBQ previously, so izakaya had the perfect portion of food to finish off my night. … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Guu Garlic

Restaurant: Guu Garlic Location: 1698 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC Cuisine: Japanese/ Tapas/ Bar Menu: http://www.guu-izakaya.com/robson/menu/ Price: $10-15 I actually came here for my Joint Birthday Dinner. It’s just the perfect place to have a really chill dinner to catch up with friends and drink up! I love the staff at Guu, always extremely welcoming and upbeat, so you’ll always have a great … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Panda Garden Buffet

Restaurant: Panda Garden Buffet Location: 420 Hazeldaen Road, Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Chinese/ Japanese/ International Menu: http://pandagardenkanata.com/ Price: $10-15 A few days before my visit to Vancouver, I just had to have a lunch with my team :)! I’ve never been to Panda Garden previously, but I’ve heard that they have a standard variety for a low price! I’d say … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Aji Taro

Restaurant: Aji Taro Location: 4940 #3 Road, Richmond, BC Cuisine: Japanese/ Sushi/ All-You-Can-Eat Menu: http://www.ajitaro.com/ Price: $15-25 I guess for late-night sushi, the standards are quite low? I’d compare it to packaged cookies vs. fresh baked. You can’t expect the same quality from both! During late night Aji Taro has a Standard Late Night Menu as well as a Deluxe Late Night … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Hockey Sushi

Restaurant: Hockey Sushi Location: 4055 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Japanese/ Sushi Menu: http://kanata.hockeysushi.com/menu/index.php Price: $15-25 Probably the best All-You-Can-Eat Sushi in Kanata, but definitely not the best I’ve had. I still think Sushi Kan is probably still the best I’ve had in Ottawa, but Hockey Sushi is decent although a bit overpriced for the quality. On a more … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Thi Fusion

Restaurant: Thi Fusion Location: 880 Kanata Avenue, Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Thai/ Japanese Menu: http://thifusion.com/menu.html Price: $10-15 Visited Thi Fusion for the first time with co-workers during lunch time. They have a great $10 lunch deal; almost everything on the menu is $10 during lunch time! Re-visited a few times and have had both good and bad experiences with … Continue reading