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Food Culture

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Fresh Edible Textiles – Fruit and Vegetable Papers from ‘de culinaire werkplaats’ Restaurant

Culinary arts has always been as visually appealing as the art of fashion, but these fruit and vegetable papers, created for ‘de culinaire werkplaats’ has brought this to a new level. Co-owners of de culinaire werkplaats, textile designer Marjolein Wintjes and chef Eric Meuring, have joined together to create an intriguing collaboration of food and … Continue reading

Eco-Fast Food – Sustainable Fish for McDonald’s EURO locations

Across 39 European Countries, 7,000 McDonald’s restaurants will be serving Filet-O-Fish burgers made from only sustainable fish as certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) traceability standard. This partnership will contribute 0.5% of the cost to the MSC as well as further McDonald’s initiative to use sustainable food sources. Although this eco-labeling deal between MSC … Continue reading