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Baking 101: #7 – Dark Chocolate Dipped Cakepops

Loli…Loli…Lolipop… I felt like making cupcakes but then I figured I always make cupcakes, so I wanted a bit of a change. I was looking watching some baking videos on Youtube and then I saw a wide about making cakepops on the side. It looked easy enough for a try:)! INGREDIENTS: **Makes the Cake (approx. … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #20 – Rice Crispy Stuffed French Toast

Dessert for Breakfast? Yes Please… I had some rice crispy squares and I wanted to use some bread to make breakfast, so what better than French Toast! I wish I had some French Baguette because I was got the idea from watching the Food Channel and they used a Baguette! Oh Well:) This satisfied my … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Hong Chow

Restaurant: Hong Chow Location: 3462 Hazeldean Road, Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Chinese/ Buffet Menu: http://www.hongchow.com/menu.html Price: $10-15 I’ve been to Panda Garden a few times now, so it was time to try out a different Buffet place. Hong Chow’s interior is much more modern and sleek compared to the cafeteria-like design of Panda Garden. Although there were less choices in food items, the … Continue reading

Cooking 101: #19 – Japanese Curry Chicken w/ Rice

Thank Goodness for Air Mailed Glico Curry… I don’t always eat curry, but somehow I was just craving Japanese Curry. That creamy, mildly spicy yet sweet sauce over firmly cooked rice “drools”:). How fortunate that my friend mailed me boxes of Glico Mild Curry Blocks <3! I was even more excited to cook after watching … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Ottawa]: Phu Yen

Restaurant: Phu Yen Location: 700 March Road, Ottawa, ON Cuisine: Chinese/ Vietnamese Menu: http://www.phu-yenrestaurant.com/menu.html Price: $10-15 In the midst of the High-Tech region of Ottawa, there are few places people can really go to for lunch. Luckily, just a 2 minute drive from my work there’s this Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant in a tiny plaza. It gets pretty packed here during lunch time, … Continue reading

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Suika

Restaurant: Suika Location: 1626 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC Cuisine: Japanese/ Izakaya/ Sushi Menu: http://www.urbanspoon.com/u/menu/1544407 Price: $10-15 I was extremely excited to try out Suika because of all the great things I’ve heard. Not to mention, with the awesome experiences I’ve had at Kingyo, I was sure this would not disappoint! The interior was simple, but what caught my attention was the beer-bottle … Continue reading