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AMERICAS, Manhattan, New York, United States

In The City That Never Sleeps [Manhattan, New York]

With a limited time in New York, I really wish I could have had a couple more days to explore the city. But within just a few days I saw a lot and just took in the city. The liveliness of the New York City is simply contagious. 

1. The Holland Tunnel – Felt like going through a portal in warp speed because the 
2. Times Square – At 2-3am in the morning I take my first glimpse of the lights and glam of the City
3. Times Square – Nightlife has such a captivating glow and just seems to be endless 
4. The Metro – Good Morning New York! Started the day off with a ride on the subway accompanied by Mexican Musician
5. The Top of The Rock – Up high over Rockefeller Center, every floor was infested with tourists as I fought my way through to find the best view
6. The Top of the The Rock – The View of the city… “Breath Taking”
7. Museum of Modern Art – MOMA MOMA MOMA MOMA MOMA MOMA…
8. Central Park – Enjoying the sun and lush green grass on the Great Lawn
9. Grand Central Station
10. Wall Street 
11. NYSE – Where the money is made;)
12. Street Performance – There always seems to be surprises everywhere you look in New York. Insane Performance!
13. Staten Island Ferry – Excited heading to the ferry, but not excited about the 1-hour wait in line to board
14. Statute of Liberty – Definitely couldn’t leave the city without seeing this famous Monument (A lot smaller than I expected, but a Must-See)
15. A recharge from Starbucks and it’s “Goodbye, New York City”! Miss it already

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