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Cooking 101 : #1 – Scallop Buckwheat Pasta

Scallop Buckwheat PastaThe Beginning of my Cooking Excursions…

Moving to Ottawa for a year has begun in quite a challenge. I’ve lived alone in Vancouver, but cooking was never necessary. Let’s be honest, if you’re hungry in Vancouver there is always food at any hour! Unfortunately, Ottawa definitely does not accommodate my lack of cooking skills. So, here is a simple start to my Culinary Adventures! You might also notice that my recipe-lingo is very casual đŸ™‚

– 1 batch of Buckwheat Soba (The bag I bought from T&T was separated into 3 servings)
– 3/4 cup of Pitted or Dice Tomatoes (You can get this in a can)
– 1 cup of Baby Scallops (Or as many scallops as you want ;))
– 1 tsp of Salt (To taste)
– 1 tbsp of Ketchup (To taste)
– Olive oil (Enough to spread evenly over the frying pan)

1. Heat water until boil and then add in the Buckwheat Soba
2. While the Soba is boiling, add the Olive oil into the Frying Pan. When the Pan becomes hot ( you’ll hear a sizzling sound) add in the Baby Scallops and sprinkle on the Salt evenly. These cook quite quickly, so toss them around while you keep an eye on them. When the scallops turn a golden brown on the sides, turn the heat off.
3. After a few minutes, check on the Soba, the strands should be soft, but not mushy. Then drain into a strainer and in order to keep it moist while you heat the tomato sauce, I like to mix a bit of Olive Oil into the noodles (I learned this from Youtube :D).
4. So once the Scallops are done and the Pasta is done. It’s time to quickly make the Tomato Sauce! So I heat the Canned Tomatoes in a pot until it shimmers (you’ll hear a really faint sizzle or see some liquid movement), then I add a pinch of Salt (to taste, of course) and Ketchup (I think this makes it sweet, but not necessary).
5. Now it’s time to put it all together; I first plate the Soba with two forks (I’ve heard the use of tongs plates nicer though) and then I use a ladle (or large spoon) to spread the Tomato Sauce evenly on top of the Soba. The finish touch will be pouring or “meticulously” placing the scallops on top of the Sauce-covered Soba!

BAM!! I’m done my first dish! If you try this, please update me on any improvements to the recipe.


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Passionate Marketing Student From Vancouver Enveloped by Creativity and Endless Drive to Succeed. Loves a Good Challenge and Trying New Things!


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  1. nice post, thx for sharing it

    Posted by revere ware cookware | November 11, 2011, 5:09 pm

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