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The Dining Room, Vancouver

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: CHOP Steakhouse

Restaurant: CHOP Steakhouse
Location: 10251 St Edwards Drive, Richmond, BC
Cuisine: Steakhouse/ Seafood
Menu: http://www.chop.ca/the-menu.aspx
Price: $25 and Up

I’ve actually been to Chop a few times. For some reason I always happen to come here around the time I’m about to leave Vancouver. But every time the food always maintains a standard.
Although what I really like about Chop is the ambiance and interior decor. The restaurant is really dim (if you have a little too much to drink, you may want to nap LOL), but really highlights the lighting fixtures. In my experience so far I’ve had great service and an enjoyable time.

Fresh Ahi Tuna Pillars

Fresh Ahi Tuna Pillars

To start off my tastes buds, I couldn’t resist ordering something with Ahi Tuna! The appearance was quite unexpected (although I didn’t really have any expectations, I guess). The sesame noodles was a brilliant addition to the Ahi Tuna. While the ginger butter phyllo pastry was a bit crisp with a light flaky texture. Although, I’d have to say that the Mango salsa is what really elevated the flavor. The sweet kick of the salsa on top of the Fresh Ahi Tuna was simply divine:).

Top Sirloin Oscar w/ Scalloped Potatoes

Top Sirloin Oscar w/ Scalloped Potatoes

Served with some succulent jumbo shrimp, I had the best of both worlds (Seafood and Red Meat Combo). The sirloin, itself, was juicy and cooked exactly the way I wanted; it was an appealing pink and bursting with flavor! Not to mention, the creamy sauce was a rich compliment to the natural taste of the meat. I’m definitely not a avid steak-eater, but this really satisfied my craving for some red meat.
I think the only flaw to this dish would be the seasonal vegetables, which I felt were under-cooked. But the side of scalloped potatoes certainty made up for it! The stack of potatoes was buttery and hardy with a top layer that was a golden crisp.

CHOP serves up quality dishes, but I would actually prefer The Keg. I don’t think that CHOP is over-priced, but I think comparatively I’ve had better at the same price. Although I would definitely come back to admire the decor of this posh steakhouse. 

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