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The Dining Room, Vancouver

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Restaurant: Miku Restaurant
Location:1055 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC
Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi
Menu: http://mikurestaurant.com/menus/
Price: $15-25

After a long day at work, it’s always good to relax yourself and indulge your tastes buds. So after closing at the bank around 8pm, Miku was a nice treat for dinner. The menu could be considered to be quite limited apart from the usual variety of sashimi, but this really ensures quality in each specialty dish. Although it was a late dinner, so didn’t eat too much for two people.

But what I really liked about Miku, right when I stepped in the door, was the interior design. The restaurant features a chic modern design, with a mix of wooden flooring and a pebble-like walkway. Also, the tinted lighting created a very elegant yet relaxed vibe to the atmosphere. Along with great service, this was just the place to be to enjoy tantalizing dishes and an endless conversation with a friend.

Miku Roll

Miku Roll - Salmon, Uni, Snow Crab & Cucumber rolled in Tobiko & topped with Miku Sauce

At Miku, of course I ordered the Miku roll. A great mixture of flavors from the Salmon, Uni (less noticeable than the other ingredients), Snow Crab, Tobiko and Cucumber. All the ingredients were fresh and distinct in taste. Although the element that really brought out the rich flavor was the searing of the ingredients. The seared Tobiko provided a delightful crunch and was further complimented by the addition of Miku Sauce on top. I also admired the clean plating despite the intensely Tobiko-coated crust of the roll. This roll is a Must Order, with an awesome mix of textures and flavors!

Crunchy Scallop Roll

Crunchy Scallop Roll - Hotate and Tobiko sprinkled with Aonori Tempura bits

Whenever there’s scallop on the menu, I can’t help but order it! Not as nicely plated as the Miku roll, considering this roll was enveloped in Aonori Tempura bits, but tasty as expected. The mix of Chopped Scallops and Tobiko provided a sweet and creamy flavor to the roll. While the Tempura bits created an interesting texture, it was kinda of like pop-rocks without the intense popping! Overall, the combination as a whole was great, although I feel the Miku Roll would be the favorite of the two.

Gyokai Soba

Gyokai Soba

The buckwheat soba was cooked al dente (not too soft, but tender to the bite with a bit of bounce). The sauce was quite creamy although not overwhelmingly rich for my tastes and it may look like it drowned the soba, but actually coated it sufficiently. I thought the shrimp was cooked to perfection, not overdone so still preserving that “crunch” when you bite into the meat. It was a well executed Fusion recipe, although I think the best dishes to try at Miku’s is still their signature Aburi Sushi.

Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant

Absolutely Delicious! The dishes are a bit pricier than the usual sushi resto, but it’s well worth it! I’ll definitely be coming here more often once I’m back in Vancouver:)! This place would be perfect for a nice night out with your friends, especially for a Girl’s Night Out. Just completely in love with Miku! 

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