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The Dining Room, Vancouver

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Martini’s



Restaurant: Martini’s
Location: 151 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Cuisine: Pub/Greek/Pizza
Menu: http://www.martinis.ca/food
Price: $10-15

The wood and brick fixtures kind of remind me of an Irish Pub, but the vibe I get from the restaurant feels more classy (although I’m not sure if classy is the right word to use). The restaurant seems to be a great fit for friends, family, and even a casual dinner for two;)! What’s great is that the prices are reasonable and they serve up generous portions on every plate! Apparently, they are most well-known for their Whole-Wheat pizzas (one of Vancouver’s first!), but they have a lot of variety beyond that like Souvlaki, Steaks and Pastas. Just coming here for a chill night with my friend. It was a great place to catch up and to indulge in some savory bites!



To start, the poutine was a great deal, definitely not the best poutine out there, but it’s definitely a Must Order at Martini’s! The hand-cut french fries are smothered in a thick gravy and cheese. It’s quite a heavy appetizer, but how could you resist?

Canadian Back Bacon, Pepperoni, Pineapple

Canadian Back Bacon, Pepperoni, Pineapple

Well of course I ordered a Whole-Wheat Pizza, after all it is a signature item! The pizza was stuffed with loads of toppings, and they offer a lot of combinations but I love Canadian Bacon and Pepperoni. Also, with the handfuls of Pineapple chunks, you get a bit of sweetness biting into the massive slice. But I think the best part of the pizza is the crust; the whole-wheat creates a very crunchy crust and an interesting texture. Definitely not just like another slice from Pizza Hut.

Peppercorn Steak w/ Mushrooms

Peppercorn Steak w/ Mushrooms

My friend said that we had to order this! It was great, although the portions were so massive we didn’t finish it! The Mushroom Mixture had a wonderful combination of flavors and went really well with the steak and mash potatoes. I did not expect to eat such a good steak judging from the type of restaurant, but it was cooked to perfection. The mash potatoes were also very creamy and fluffy, with a very buttery flavor. This entree was definitely a full meal!

Martini’s was a delightful surprise. I may have expected the usual pub bites, but this was much better! I love the chill atmosphere, and I’d definitely recommend coming here with a group because the portions are huge! But all in all, it’s just a great place with friendly staff and quality cooking for a casual night with friends. But be warned, this place was packed! 

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