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The Dining Room, Vancouver

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Guu Garden

Restaurant: Guu Garden
Location: M101-888 Nelson Street, Vancouver
Cuisine: Japanese/Tapas/Sushi
Menu: http://www.guu-izakaya.com/under/menu/GardenFoodMenu.pdf
Price: $10-15

Just a random week night with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile.None of us had been to this addition to the Guu Empire, so decided to see how it measured up. Unlike the other Guu restaurants, this upstairs location offered a more modern interior. I especially liked that the walls were just window panes, so that it extended the visual space and you don’t feel super cramped like the other Guu locations (although, I do like the cosy feeling at times;)).

Sockeye Salmon Sashimi

Sockeye Salmon Sashimi

Just starting off with a usual, some fresh Sockeye Salmon Sashimi. As always when I step into a Japanese resto, I’m craving for some fresh sashimi. And as expected, this is a privilege of being on the West Coast, the salmon is extremely fresh and flavorful. The texture is almost like toro, practically melts in your mouth (maybe not melt, but you know what I mean:P).



Another dish that may be quite predictable at Izakaya is Takoyaki. But how could I resist? There’s just something about the texture of katsuobushi (the dried bonito) on the tongue and the sweetness of Japanese mayo. Also, unlike other random places that serve Takoyaki (e.g. Taiwanese Bubble Tea Places), Guu doesn’t use the frozen stuff!

His Ebi Mayo

His Ebi Mayo

I love their Ebi Mayo! Did not disappoint at all. Just lightly battered, so not heavy nor overly greasy. Though deep-fried, you can still taste that juicy freshness of the prawns. Just mouth-watering, and all you need is a little dab from that drizzle of sauce to make it perfection.

Bang Bang G

Bang Bang G

With a name like “Bang Bang G”, I had to try. But actually it’s almost the same as the Shredded Sesame Chicken and Jelly Fish Salad (手撕雞) you can get at Dim Sum from Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant at Aberdeen. Not that it tasted awful (it was quite good with a light sesame flavor), but I think I’d prefer eating the one at Fisherman’s Terrace, to be honest.

Garlic Butter Mussels

Garlic Butter Mussels

I think I’ve never had a liking for Mussels in particular, but this was really good. The kanto-daki broth (a soy-based broth) really complimented the garlic butter flavor that the mussels absorbed. Although this flavor was a highlight of the dish, it was only intensified by the freshness of the mussels which had great juices and texture.

Gyu Tongue Chazuke

Gyu Tongue Chazuke

This was undoubtedly the surprise of the night for me. Just hearing the words “Beef Tongue” I was not attracted to ordering this, but my friends seemed extremely eager to have a bite! Despite that fact that I’m Chinese, so I’ve eaten a lot of weird things (i.e. the insides and outsides of cattle, poultry, and etc), I was no keen on eating tongue. I’ve actually never tried tongue before this (although a very common dish) because just feeling the texture of my own tongue, I wouldn’t want to bite into it. Nevertheless, the texture of the tongue wasn’t how I thought it would be at all, just a bit chewy. But the meat had a distinct and savory taste of it’s own; partnered with the kanto-daki soup and rice mixture, it was just a very enjoyable combination.

I think this Guu location has a great atmosphere and I’ll definitely be back for some more of that Kanto-Daki soup! I love the Guu on Thurlow, but this is definitely a refreshing change from that dark bistro setting. 

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